As I sit here writing this, one of my very best friends is taking some of her last breaths on this earth.  While working to absorb this news, I can’t help but be amazed at the roller-coaster of emotions and events this day has brought.  Earlier, I was able to visit a new baby, Cruz Bock Zima, and as I watched that precious, tiny new life sleep peacefully in the NICU my heart was filled with complete joy.  He is beautiful.  I don’t usually get to see the new babies until they come to church (Pastor Angel gets to make those fun visits), but I had a few unexpected free minutes in this day, so I ran up and got to see him and his mom and dad.  The rest of the day my heart has been in Texas with our friends as the family says good-bye to one of my best friends.  We will make a very quick, very sad trip down there for her memorial service in a few days.  (You don’t say no to your best friend when they ask you to have their funeral for them.)

Then, a few hours ago, I got a call and another friend from long ago was on the line:  Were we home?  Could they stop by for a couple of hours?  My heart was so comforted by her hugs.  I hadn’t seen her for four or five years.  We laughed, caught up on the kids, and ate pizza, salad and ice cream, and then they left.  Sometimes I am amazed by these days that are packed with such extreme emotions.  Yes, this has been a day much like many of them are–filled with joy and sorrow, fun minutes, and hard times.  Days aren’t “good” or “bad,” because most days have some joy and some grief, some hard things and some fun times, a few tears and then some laughter, but all of it–as always–is within the love and hand of our Father God.  That is such a comfort.


Photo credit:  Wes Hall