Some people may ask, “Why are Christian schools important?” Well, I know. I’m almost 14 and have been going to Christian schools for my entire education. And the impact on my life is awesome. When I go to school I get greeted by teachers who actually care about me and aren’t just here for the job. My teachers pray for me and want me to succeed in life and my relationship with Christ. I get to learn about Jesus and pray to Him during school without getting teased or bullied, and I am able to learn with people who believe the same thing, and we can share what we know with each other. When I go to school I’m not just going to learn and be with my friends, I am being with a community that supports each other.

When I was little I went to a Christian school for kindergarten through second grade. At first, I was scared everyone was going to be mean and not like me, but boy was I wrong. When I first got there they were so welcoming and happy that I was there. Every day we had worship and Bible. We learned about God and His disciples, as well as the stories of the Bible. My favorite part of being at that school was we got to do outreach programs and sing and preach in front of our church family. We got to share God’s Word even if we were little; everyone was active in the church. I loved being able to feel like I was making a difference in people’s lives.  As I got older I realized that having a school that helped others was less common than I thought, which made me really grateful for what I could experience.

Christian school has also impacted my relationship with God. For example, when I’m in science class I’m not only taught about the topic, but also that God had a plan while making it. Every day in science I am reminded that God loved us so much that He decided to make this all for us. Christian schools have also made me more comfortable with sharing my faith and beliefs with others. While in school I have done sermons, children’s stories, worship talks, and tons of song services. And most of these opportunities have come because I am a student at a Christian school. I love my Christian schools because not only do I learn subjects, I learn about my God.

Kat Struntz just completed 7th grade at Brentwood Adventist Christian School in Bismarck, North Dakota.