Voting is the name of the game for delegates at GC Session. Here are some facts about this year’s delegates:

Regular Delegates: 1,559

Delegates-at-large: 1,007

Total delegates: 2,566

Age data

• Under 30: 6%

• 30-39: 10%

• 40-49: 26%

• 50-59: 35%

• 60-69: 19%

• Over 70: 3%

Gender Data

• Female: 17%

• Male: 83%

In order for the church to do official business 1/3 of the delegates must be present to constitute a quorum. Regular delegates from unions and their institutions are selected by percentages of world membership (Mid-America Union has 18 delegates).

The NAD is represented by 7% of the delegates. Currently, the four largest divisions are Inter-American (19%), Southern Africa-India Ocean (15%), East Central Africa (15%), and South American (14%).

Why is the Nominating Committee So Important?

Much of the significant action and many pivotal speeches occur within the nominating committee. Each world division is allowed to choose 10% of its delegation for participation in the nominating committee, while the delegates at large chose eight percent.

Those who hold elected posts in the GC or divisions are excluded from the nominating committee. The committee chooses its own chairperson and secretary. This year there are 252 delegates on the nominating committee, 233 from the 13 divisions/unions and 19 from the General Conference.

The division delegates separate into groups for caucus meetings to nominate their respective leaders. While all delegates are asked to vote on the names presented, according to an Adventist News Network article it is rare for delegates not to ratify the recommendations of the nominating committee. GC Session 101: A look inside the Nominating Committee

Photo Credit: Steve Norman III