Sometimes life is just demoralizing. It may be a season of grief (which is sadness about any kind of loss), when you feel like you’re dragging your body around or your emotional pain has found it’s way to body aches. Maybe your wins are few and far between because your main concern is being crushed under the burden of humaning. I’ve asked myself, Why do I have to walk through this hard world with such a soft heart?

Or it could be burnout, when you may still get things done, but your heart is so empty, there’s no satisfaction in any of it. Gone are the feelings of accomplishment and pride in a job well done. All you have to show for your exhaustion is a list of more things.

When I find myself in these dreary places, I remember I don’t pull my weight alone. I’m yoked up with Jesus and He is right at my shoulder, so close I can always turn to Him. I can tell Him all the things I hate about this situation. I can cry softly and He will notice. I can yell like a wounded animal. He never leaves and never scolds me. Instead, He whispers sweet advice and encouragement. Maybe He’s saying something like this to you today.

  • You are doing so well! I’m proud of you.
  • It’s okay to rest. Everyone gets tired. I did too.
  • I know you made a mistake and I’m not mad.
  • Your house doesn’t have to be clean all the time.
  • You have no idea how much joy is coming your way.
  • Make the heartbreaking choice that will set you free. I’ll be with you.
  • Stop worrying about if you’re doing this right. It’s a formative time, you’ve put me in charge and I am doing it right.
  • When crisis comes, you will be broken open and I will show you the best parts of yourself. You’ll also learn what’s important and stop being distracted by the rest.
  • Let go of your timeline. Everything will unfold beautifully.
  • Be your real self – the one I created. That’s the interesting you. 🙂
  • I will always be right here, loving you.

Does your heart feel lighter reading those words? This is why His yoke is easy. Every human experiences suffering, but none of us have to walk or work alone. Jesus wants to help us every minute of every day.

Jesus wants to help us every minute of every day.

Do you feel doubtful about Godde’s intention to comfort you? I’ve felt that too, but Jesus could have called the Holy Spirit the Conviction Specialist or the Revealer, but He didn’t, did He? The Comforter is who He sent to care for us from the time He left earth until He comes back. Isn’t that what we need most? Before we confess, we need to feel safe. Before we try something new, we need to feel somewhat safe. Before we can offer ourselves to the world, we need to know Godde cares for us. Godde didn’t throw out the directive Fear not before building scaffolding under us. The scaffolding is the Holy Spirit who is the Comforter. Humans need reassurance. All of us. And Godde is devoted to restoring our sense of safety as we realize we sit softly in Her great heart of love.