I remember well the day she spoke of him, there was a new spark in her eyes that I had never seen before.  She spoke softly of the “boy” in chemistry class, she spoke of his humor, smile and of his “niceness.”

That “boy” has become a man and that man has become a husband to my daughter and a father to my three grandchildren and a son to me.  He is family.

When my  grandson was small I asked him what his daddy’s name was, he said, “Some people call him doctor but I call him daddy.”  Daddy is such a beautiful word and my son is a true daddy.  A man can be a father without much effort but it takes a special man to be a daddy.

Jadon and his sisters are very blest children to have a daddy like their’s.  When the children hear the garage door going up they run to the door to greet him and ask him to play.  He always seems so eager to play even when he is tired to the bone.  I heard Jenna ask him if he liked to play house, his response was, “Well Jenna if you want to play house we will play because I love to play with you.”

My son not only plays with his children he teaches them.  I have watched him make learning about the Bible fun, and learning to be better people a game.  One morning I heard him teaching the children about revelation, just a verse or two at a time. He actually gave them a  choice of listening to a bible story or learning some more about Revelation. The children were eager to talk about what the white horse meant. I have observed him teaching his children to be polite and respectful, the amazing thing was the children  enjoyed the lesson.

When my daughter was small I was already praying for the special man God had in mind for her.  As a mom I didn’t think there was anyone worthy to be my daughter’s husband, I was wrong.

My son has a birthday coming up, he is wise beyond his years and I am thankful the Lord put this “boy” in a chemistry class at Union College with a girl named Robin.  He is a man of honor I thank the Lord for him.