Members of the West Lenexa Church have opened a food pantry to serve their Kansas community. Coordinator Carlyle Thompson says the pantry concept came from a farmers’ market ministry they conducted last year from May to September. When cold weather came, they continued the ministry indoors.“We attract people in need by showing that we are friendly and courteous, trying to reflect Christ’s character,” Thompson said.
About 25 families come each Wednesday for vegetables, fruit and paper products. Arlice, a grandmother with two kids in tow, said, “I’m picking up for two daughters today. It certainly helps their grocery bill.”Another shopper, John, added, “I’ve traveled for 30 years outside the country. Most places do not have anything like this. I am amazed at how willing people are to give.”The help also means a lot to Haley. “My family is struggling right now,” she confided. “It’s been a blessing to come here.”
Considering the food pantry a team effort, Thompson is appreciative of the church volunteers who assist. “This project is a real joy to work with,” he added. “It’s a labor of love for us all.”
Author John Treolo is communication director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.