Sixth graders at Mile High Academy are quickly learning that doing laundry and putting it away is not just a chore at home, but the way to receive an “A” in their Life Skills class.

During the first unit of the class, students each washed four loads of laundry, folded the clothes and put them away and successfully ironed one dress shirt.

Life Skills teacher, Christina Hernandez, explains the class content: “Students are taught to use the washer and dryer that are at the school and run a load for the athletics department. Their “homework” is to complete four [more] loads by washing, drying, folding, and putting away laundry for their family. They learn how to iron a button-down dress shirt in class. They each bring (or I supply) a shirt to practice on. They will then have a test that shows their skills in ironing.”

The class, however, has had some surprises, according Hernandez. “The funniest reaction I’ve seen this year is that students had no idea that the iron uses water and causes vapor to come out.”

Even with the surprises, the class is well received.

“Some students really enjoy this unit as it is hands on. They also like the fact that they are earning their “laundering” patch for Pathfinders,” Hernandez said.

While students appreciate the unit on laundry, they are keen to the responsibility that comes with learning this skill.

Brodie Philpott, parent of sixth grader, commented “One of the drawbacks [of the Life Skills class] is now she [his daughter] has to do her own laundry, and she knows that she doesn’t want to buy clothes that she has to iron!”

Students are looking forward to the next unit when they will learn how to cook. For some, it may be a class on how to be a contestant on the popular Food Network show “Worst Cooks in America.”

–Jon Roberts is RMC communication/media assistant; photo supplied