By Dena Simonds~

My walk with the Lord has not been easy. When I pray about decisions, generally there have been more than two answers. I have had to choose.

So I go ahead with what I feel is best. God has given me a mind and expects me to use it. I then come into agreement with Him to coordinate things and hold my hand as I move forward.

I am not doing this on my own; I am working with the Lord. So it’s really not me but “us” together doing this. Does that make sense? When I do things, I ask the Lord to go with me and stop anything that is wrong.

Now, there are times I go alone because I don’t ask the Lord; and sometimes it works and sometimes it’s just awful and horrid and I know that it was not God’s will. When you have enough “horrid” you prefer God’s way instead of your way. But God gives us that choice; we don’t have to ask Him to come along. He will let us go alone if that is what we want.