Imagine what it would look like if every business owner had the opportunity to contribute to a cause they care about simply by doing what they are already doing. That’s at the heart of what James Christianson and Lief Sorensen believe is possible with their company, named P3.

The company’s premise is to harness the power of businesses that are already spending money on credit card processing fees and re-direct a portion of these funds by giving 50 percent of profit back to Adventist education. By maintaining long-term relationships through effective customer service and integrity, Christianson and Sorensen say they will be ensuring that these revenue streams for schools continue month over month and year after year.

“Why pay two, three or more percent to a bank to process simple credit card transactions?” Sorensen asked. “Even more importantly, consider the impact giving back just a portion of these fees would have on Christian education.”

Setting up a company capable of both processing credit cards and allowing businesses to contribute just made sense. As Sorensen points out, “from dentists to mechanics, doctors to retail store managers, with P3, now every type of business owner has an opportunity to participate and support their local school. We couldn’t be more excited about the possibilities.”

The program’s impact can already be seen on a local level. Vista Ridge Academy recently benefited from a $30,000 tuition subsidy through a matching grant campaign. According to principal Sandy Hodgson, her school “has been blessed by businesses working with P3 to advance Adventist education. Because of a one-week matching grant campaign, Vista Ridge Academy benefited last August, and the funding received went directly to subsidizing tuition for families who would not be able to afford an Adventist education.”

Shawn Nowlan, chair of Vista Ridge Academy board, expressed gratitude for P3 involvement, noting that it is “helping to lower financial barriers for students, so they can experience Vista Ridge Academy’s Christian education.”

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