Pastor Shayne Mason Vincent, in his words, “started this journey with God in 1994… from homeless drug addict, high school dropout to a therapist and [now] ordained minister, a testament to the power of God’s grace.”

“The ordination service was an event like no other,” concluded Gabriela, Shayne’s wife. “It was a beautiful sunny day, surrounded by my wonderful parents who came from Romania to support us, Shayne’s mother, Susan, who came from Minnesota, and many of our close friends, as well as our Casper and Wheatland church families,” she continued.

The service, included in the program of the Sabbath at Wyoming camp meeting on July 16, became a celebration of gospel ministry, as well as inspirational presentations about Shayne’s eventful life and the meaning of ordination

The candidate for ordination was introduced by Pastor Bert Eldredge, a Lutheran minister, and friend from Casper. “Shayne has fully known the Holy Spirit since he was 5 years old. Believe it or not, at about age 9, he wanted to be a Lutheran pastor. This was due to having a very kind-hearted pastor in his life at that time,” Eldredge said.

Shayne’s interest in Christian ministry continued and at 10 years old he was attending a Baptist church and his life was going through changes. In his teens and 20s drugs and alcohol had taken their toll on his life, and he dropped out of school and became homeless.

“God’s grace grabbed Shayne again through David Wilkerson’s ministry. [But] the real change came when Shayne attended a Daniel and Revelation seminar. He gave his life fully to Christ,” Eldredge said.

Shayne return to school and received a bachelor’s degree in theology and biblical counseling. He also graduated with a master’s degree in social work. He worked in hospice and was director of bereavement services, and he also spent four years as director of outpatient services in a drug treatment center.

But his real dream was to realize himself as a pastor. This came with an invitation from the Rocky Mountain Conference in 2018 to serve as a minister. Today, Shayne has 14 years experience in counseling and 14 years in ministry.

“I have been blessed to know Shayne since he arrived in Casper,,” Eldredge continued. “He has been a solid mentor in my life. He has changed since he came to Casper, but even more so, he has changed the lives of the people he has met here.”

Eldredge ended his introduction with these words: “Brother, I am honored that you allowed me to give a brief history of you, but I cannot wait to see where God is taking you next.”

Following an affirmation of ministry presented by Doug Inglish, RMC vp for administration, an ordination address was given by Pastor Eugen Baciu from Romania, the father of Gabriela. “It was incredibly emotional for me to translate my father’s ordination address,” she said.

Pastor Eugen Baciu, a retired pastor from Romania, said, “I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity I had to witness my son-in-law’s ordination. And I am very thankful for the RMC’s invitation to present the ordination address. God chooses his servants and He’s also the One who appoints them with talents and gifts for the work they have been called to do. Shayne’s ordination has given me the opportunity to rededicate myself and to realize the impact my ministry and my work have even as a retired pastor,” he added.

The service continued with the ordination prayer offered by Mic Thurber, RMC president, and the ministry charge  given by Craig Carr, ministerial director of the Mid-America Union Conference.

Following a ministry welcome by Mickey Mallory, RMC ministerial director, Shayne shared how the Lord has turned his life around. He referred to many miracles in his life, referencing 1 Sam. 2:8: The Lord raises the poor from the dust and lifts the needy from the trash heap. He seats them with nobleman and gives them a throne of honor.

Shane stated how Jesus “has healed my many childhood issues and relationships. He has healed my mother, now a baptized member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. He picked me up and found me. Thank you, Jesus!”

Shayne’s incredible experiences with God over the years, including his struggle in overcoming COVID-19 several months ago, have been a testimony to the amazing work that the Spirit has done and continues doing in Shayne’s life and ministry.

Photos: CeCe Gage and Rajmund Dabrowski