A few weeks ago I wrote about the last day on earth. It was actually the last day of normal life for me, here in the Bootheel of Southeast Missouri. Apparently that “normal” is gone now too. As of Saturday, my county is under a stay-at-home order and yesterday it was official for my state as well. Missouri is staying home. Though my anxiety puts a lump in my throat just typing that sentence, I can’t complain about the digs that I get to stay at home in. My home is not bad at all. In fact, this week marks one official year in our home–a home I picked out, a home where I’ve hung decorations, where I’ve unpacked and organized, a home where my kids have their own rooms and their own space, a home that was and is a blessing.

I love my home and the anxiety at being made to stay here is…just manageable. My heart goes out to people who are not managing well in homes that are filled with darkness and turmoil. My heart hurts for children who are hurt in their homes, physically or emotionally. My mind can barely wrap around the possibility of how many children and spouses are at risk during this time in America.

Maybe you are not “at-risk”. Maybe you have a first-world home with wifi and streaming services and groceries and toilet paper. Maybe you have a loving and healthy marriage and perfect well-behaved kids. Maybe your stress is due to online schooling, loss of income, bills, and general parenting and housekeeping responsibilities.

No matter what is bringing stress and darkness into your home during this time, I hope that something here can help you. Here are all the things that have helped me.