little community in the northern woods of Minnesota has an ongoing ministry to Native American children and families. A handful of people, along with the financial support of their local church (Bemidji Church), has maintained a presence in the Leech Lake Nation for nine years.

The church bus picks up about 30 children on Wednesdays and Saturdays, and the small “Church House” fills with the scurrying feet of excited children. The program starts with singing, followed by prayer, Bible lessons, memory verses, games, crafts and food.

Pathfinders was added to the program in 2012, giving opportunity for the older children to enjoy in-depth learning about the world around them.

Alexis (pictured with Holly) is one of the faithful Pathfinders. She enjoys going to the many Pathfinder events, engaging in Share-Your-Faith activities, and earning honors.

The work is great, the workers are few, but *gichi-manidoo is big. Prayers are welcomed as efforts continue in this community.

*gichi-manidoo is Ojibwe for God.

Holly Ewert is a paraprofessional in the public school system.