Do you find yourself gaining weight, becoming depressed and feeling sluggish during the winter season? Unfortunately, you’re not alone. Many people struggle year after year after year with these same things–the winter blues. From my own experiences I have found some very helpful practices that can assist you during the winter months to overcome some of these things.

1). Pray. Talk to God about everything you experience during this season. Ask Him to help you to carry out the things you can to make the winter season more joyful for you.

2). Get up and get moving every day. As much as you can, walk outside. Do daily stretching and walking in your home or an open area if there is inclement weather.

3). Purchase exercise equipment to have at home.

4). Join a gym so you can exercise or walk around the track if they have one. This will also help with socialization.

5). Take breaks during the day from watching TV and just sitting. Get a little sunshine. If it is really cold outside I will open my curtains and sit or lie down to let the sun on my body (not for long periods of time). This will also help you sleep better and increase your mood.

6). Cut back on calories if you are not as active to prevent weight gain and feeling sluggish.

7). Limit snacks and especially sweets that can cause weight gain and can make depression worse.

8). Eat more whole foods and drink the appropriate amount of water daily.

9). Refrain from overindulgence especially during the holidays.

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Jeanine Qualls is a health educator based in Kansas City, Missouri.

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