Things I think   I know!  The truth is I don’t now much of anything.

I know it has taken me a long time to be the person I want to be  and frankly I’m not there yet.  Why is that?  I read self-help books, I read scripture and I pray but I do the things I don’t want to do.

I believe people we care about so much are taken away from us way too soon.  Is the time ever right?  I don’t think so.

I know that credentials on the wall don’t make a person.  It’s much more then credentials.  We just attended the farewell for Dave and Cherie Smith last evening.  It’s not their credentials that make them who they are it’s, it’s , it’s their . . .well it’s how their made, or their walk with Jesus, or their effort to be better people.   Whatever it is they are a good example of faith and hope.

I know our background and circumstances may have influenced who  we are and yet we are responsible for who we become.

I know our life can be changed in a matter of seconds.  I think of the young couple in our church who tragically lost their 18 month old daughter.  She appeared to be in perfect health.  They were at church and Sabbath School on Saturday and she was dead by Sunday morning.  A rare disease unknown to them until her tragic death.   Their life changed in a matter of seconds.

I know that two people can look at the very same thing and see something totally different.  Or two people can hear the same thing and come up with a different story.

I know a father can hurt a daughter beyond repair by being unfaithful to his wife.  I have seen the hurt, I have seen the tears, it’s not fair.  How can a father who has taught his daughter to be a Bible thumping woman do such a thing?

THIS is what I do know, we can’t explain the difficult things in life, we can’t ask God why  until we reach heaven.  The important thing is to stay the course and keep our eyes on Jesus.  It’s the only answer until we see Jesus face to face.