The Voice of The Shepherd is everything to the flock, to the sheep. If they lose His voice, all may be lost. If they stay close to His voice, all will be found.

The shepherd is responsible to find food and water, safety and shelter, to bring peace and contentment to the flock. The flock is responsible to hear His voice. That’s it in a nutshell. It may not seem that simple, but it is. The 23rd Psalm bears this out. The other passages that shine light on the Shepherd bear this out.

There are many ways to lose sight of and drift from the sound of the Shepherd. There are many ways to find your way back into the sound and voice of the Shepherd. The key is knowing how much you depend on the shepherd for your very life. The more you depend on Him, the more peace and contentment will be yours.

I agree this is not always the way we live and think. Yet, I believe this is the most wonderful way to live. The Shepherds Voice is life itself.

Today, when the flock gathers, we commonly call ourselves the church or the church family or the family of God. This family idea means more to us it seems than a flock of sheep getting together for eating, sipping water and sleeping. I mean, what else do sheep do, right? Quite a bit it turns out. Listening to His words, His songs, His cadence and breath is the very life of the believer.

Jesus in John 10 calls Himself the Good Shepherd and twice says that His sheep Hear His voice. If He self identifies with the sheep in such a direct way as their shepherd, then there is great learning to take place from listening to His voice. One of the first things I suggest that we take note of is that there are two voices competing with each other in the first verses of John 10. There is the Good Shepherds voice and the voice of the Stranger.

He says His Sheep will follow Him as they hear His voice. I take that as a promise that all my needs and desires are in His safekeeping and a chance to tune my ears to His reassuring voice. Can you Hear Him even now?