Adventist education is very important, but it only has one extra thing to offer. That is teaching about Jesus. Even though it is only one thing, it is a very important thing. I believe that everyone should be given an opportunity to learn about Jesus. And know that Jesus loves them!

Every single person should get to know that Jesus loves them. Jesus knew exactly who they were even before they were born. He will always love them, even if you sin. He knows the hairs on your head. Jesus loves every single piece of His creation equally.

Everyone should also know that Jesus died for them. He died for them on the cross and saved them from sin. But, He didn’t stay dead, He rose again! After He rose from the dead He went to heaven. Since He died, you are saved!

Jesus is coming back for them! Before He went up to heaven He promised to come back for us. He is going to come back after every single person has had a chance to follow Him. All you have to do is believe. They just have to believe and they will go to heaven.

That is the only extra thing Adventist education has to offer. Although it is only one thing, it is life-changing. I think that Adventist education has educated me well through Christ.

Lily Larson graduated from 8th grade at Rapid City Adventist Elementary School in South Dakota.