The fact that I was available to answer my phone was unusual.  I generally have to return calls, because I am usually with someone when my phone rings.  The story that the caller told me was such a blessing that I want to share it with you.  She reminded me of an offering appeal that I had given several months before, when I had told how we wanted to give extra offerings to God and had told Him that we would give half of any unexpected money, and how over the next few weeks we received so much unexpected that we could hardly keep up.  She told me how she had sat there and listened and said to herself that she and her husband were on a fixed income, and they knew exactly how much money they would have each month.  Then she told about how–over the next few weeks–she had gotten three sums of money from very unexpected places and how she had given it to the church.

Also, about a week after I had shared my testimony of God’s blessing, the church got a letter with a check from someone who had been visiting that week.  The author explained that she, too, had received unexpected money and so was sending it to us.  God is amazing.  I hope you get a chance to notice all He does for you this week.


Photo credit:  Julie Escobar