Listening intently to the story of how the Bible was made and how it was published, students, church members and participants from the community got to experience up close what is arguably one of the most important world-changing inventions in history—the printing press.

“It was a blessing to have an exhibit from The Enduring Word Museum from Wetherford, Texas, here on our campus on the anniversary of Reformation Day, October 31,” said Leandro Bizama, pastor for evangelism and worship at Campion Adventist Church.

“About 800 people visited the exhibit and were blessed by the lectures—some 500 not part of our church family. Some of us even got to print a replica of one of the original pages from Gutenberg himself,” Pastor Bizama added.

The exhibit included artifacts of archaeology from Bible times. All of them were a reminder that the more historical artifacts being dug up, the more evidence there is that the Bible is legitimate and can be trusted. Exhibited were Torah scrolls from collections that reinforced the accuracy of modern texts as well.

The exhibit included exquisite examples of Scripture translations in English, such as the original page from the Wycliffe Bible. John Wycliffe gave up his life for such an effort at a time when it was illegal to translate the text into languages the people could understand. There are only 18 original pages of this kind in private collections in the world, and this was one of them! Also exhibited were copies of original Bibles such as one of the first 50 King James Bibles printed and one of the original pages from Gutenberg’s press.

“All this left us inspired to read the Bible and in awe of how much sacrifice and effort it took for us to have the versions of the Bible we now hold in our hands and phones. Over the centuries, many people lost their lives trying to guard the translation of the English Bible so that we could have the blessing of studying it,” Bizama commented.

And yet, sometimes we become so busy that we don’t take time to read it. “Let us always remember the awesome legacy of the Word of God and how blessed we are to have it and let us always discipline ourselves to consistently seek God first through reading The Book,” he added.