If your favorite Saturday afternoon activity is a nature hike, this can be threatened by cool weather. When your social activities with your church and community revolve around being outside, what do you do when fall and winter arrive, bringing cooler temperatures and winter weather? These are just a few of my favorite ideas. Some are great for bigger or smaller groups, but all of them can work for you.

Sabbath Hours

If you’re looking to get together as a group during Sabbath hours, your options are not as limited as you think. You can host a movie night on Friday night or Matinee on Saturday afternoon. Pick a movie that speaks to the spirit and the heart. Some great ones that our church has screened together include:

I Can Only Imagine
Like Arrows
The Star 

Another great option is Tell the World, a cinamatic feature based on the true events that started the Seventh-day Adventist movement and essentially, the Adventist church. You can watch this film in segments during vespers service, or see the full film here.

Other Sabbath activities can revolve around a few areas:

  • Outreach
    Visit sick or missing members
    Sing at a hospital or nursing home
    Write letters/cards for others
    Prepare a care package for others
  • Nature
    Stargaze during a winter evening
    Plan a snow walk (safely)
    Visit a state or national park
    Watch wildlife
  • Spirit
    Join or start a study group
    Work on memorizing a passage of scripture together
    Join a PBE team (Pathfinder Bible Experience)
    Start a prayer or Bible journaling group
  • Service
    Make meals for first responders/homeless/church members
    Complete a service project in your community
    Raise money for a worthy cause
  • Art
    Plan a paint-by-numbers event
    Start a church scrapbook to display in the lobby
    Decorate cakes, cookies, or cupcakes
    Plan or join a cooking class

Not that you can’t have fun and be festive during Sabbath hours, but I made two sections because it can sometimes be difficult to plan a social during Sabbath hours that everyone can appreciate. I hope something from this list can help your small group, Sabbath School, family, or congregation fellowship and enjoy a social on Sabbath.

Fun, Fast, and Festive

Depending on your region, there are tons of great outdoor activities to enjoy during cooler months. Nature centers and zoos are open year-round, and visiting during the fall and winter is great for their business and great for the animals they serve! Other ideas range from indoor game nights, themed dinners, fundraisers, and more!

  • Fundraisers
    Pancake breakfast
    Make and sell holiday pies
    Spaghetti dinners
    Game nights like this
  • Themed Dinners
    Birthday “Sundaes”
    Around the world potluck
    Haystack and chili bonfire
    Home-made pizza night
  • Games Nights
    10 c’clock Ball Drop (New Year’s Eve party)
    Family Karaoke
    Spud Party
    Scavenger Hunt (at church, park, mall, or around town)

Got an idea for a great winter social? Make sure you share it with your church this fall so that someone can get to planning–and remember, you don’t need anyone’s permission to plan a social yourself and invite your church!