I will never forget Joe Lake. Back in the early 1980’s Joe was the treasurer for the Kent (Washington) Seventh-day Adventist Church. Joe was a retired school teacher who was brilliant at working with young people. He was called upon the whole time I was pastoring the church to substitute teach both in our church school as well as the public schools. 

But Joe was also good with numbers and he was willing to take on the role of church treasurer. 

Joe was so conscientious, confidential and trustworthy. A new pastor could never ask for anyone better with whom to work. He paid all our bills and subsidies on time, collected and accurately applied the funds as requested by donors, and helped us form a budget for our church to follow. What a blessing he was!

Unsung heroes 

Church treasurers are truly an unsung group of volunteers in our church who handle very delicate information for all of us. Every one of our church treasurers knows information they wish they never had to know. They also know of the truly sacrificial people in our churches who are foundational for the financial strength for our churches and schools.

I would also like to say a word about another unsung group: our conference and union treasury staff. I believe this is the most closely audited group of people on the planet! I have watched year after year how they carefully manage the sacred funds which come their way. They are prayerful, conscientious, diligent and frugal. 

I always find it a miracle how they are able to stretch a dollar so ministry is not stymied in our territory. Most of those working in our treasury department could be making much more money working in the business world with the skills they have. They, however, have chosen to serve the church with their talents and what a blessing they are.

Treasurers are almost an invisible group of ministry leaders in our church. You don’t think much about them or what they do. The truth is, they work hard for all of us! I thank the Lord for them and am grateful because without them, we could not organize ourselves for ministry the way we do.

Matt. 6:21 says, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” If there is one group within our church who knows your heart, it is our treasurers. I thank the Lord for our treasures in Mid-America!

When was the last time you thanked your church treasurer for their financial ministry? If you haven’t done that recently, I would suggest finding a meaningful way to show your appreciation. Your support will go a long way.