Last August 60 relieved teenagers filed out of a coach bus and three vans, ending 17 hours on the road and beginning their 10-day adventure in Yellowstone National Park. These young people are part of the Teen Leadership Training team that will staff the 2017 Mid-America Union Camporee in Custer, South Dakota.

Hailing from Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Montana, this intrepid group quickly made friends and divided into groups called “families.” The week in Yellowstone was packed with activities, sight-seeing and even homework.

The group visited the Mud Volcano, Sulpher Springs, Yellowstone’s Grand Canyon and Old Faithful. They hiked, swam, took pictures, went on park ranger-guided tours and participated in a volunteer project in the park.

After taking notes in various locations, the group got together and came up with questions that will be submitted to the North American Division Pathfinder leaders for a Geo-thermal honor. The team concluded one of the most memorable weeks of their lives by leading worship at Old Faithful Lodge.

Travis Sager is youth director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.