The Dakota Conference enjoyed the teacher commissioning of Jonathan Schwarz June 11 during a Sabbath afternoon program at camp meeting held on the campus of Dakota Adventist Academy, where he now teaches.

Schwarz was born into a family with deep roots in service. His great-grandparents and grandparents worked and taught as missionaries in China, Singapore, Sri Lanka and Guam. His father is a pastor and his mother taught for many years.

Even as a potential fourth-generation teacher, Schwarz did not consider teaching as a profession for him. His preference was to be a forest ranger. However, after spending a year as a taskforce dean and chaplain at Mount Ellis Academy, he changed his focus.

Schwarz completed a degree in religion/religious education at Union College in 2001. While waiting for his wife, Lauren, to graduate he worked in the Lincoln public school system. He then spent a year teaching at former Broadview Academy in Illinois before 10 years of teaching at Redwood Adventist Academy in Santa Rosa, California, where he also obtained a certification in social studies.

Schwarz enjoys being a student of perspectives and events of history. He is passing along to his students the fascinating history of the Dakotas and the idea that they have the ability to influence history for good and for God.