Mile High students gathered together on Sabbath, September 12 to celebrate Mile High Sabbath at Littleton Adventist Church.

Some 250 individuals witnessed students leading out in praise, prayer, drama, and witnessed a seventh grader declare publicly his love for Jesus through baptism.

The students enjoyed this unique time to fellowship with fellow classmates from other grades.  Since the pandemic has caused interactions between grades to be severely limited with band, choir, and community school events cancelled, the theme the students choose for this academic year is “Rooted in Christ; we won’t be shaken.”

“This year has been so difficult and unpredictable.  Remember if we have Christ and look to Him for our comfort and security, we won‘t be shaken,” Brooke Henry, MHA senior, said.

The Littleton Church family enjoyed the influx of students on campus and the gifts of laughter and joy they brought with them.

“It’s exciting. It’s a blessing for the church. Look at all the children…that should be our purpose right there…that’s our mission, our kids,” Eli Gonzalez, member of the congregation, said.

Littleton leadership expressed the importance of making sure the annual tradition of Mile High Sabbath continued.

“We want our members and students to see each other face to face and to build community together,” Andy Nash, Littleton lead pastor, said.

The highlight of the day came during the second service when those who had gathered witnessed Logan Meyers, a seventh grader at MHA, proclaim that Jesus was his best friend and he wanted to follow Him for life.

“To me, baptism means giving your life to God and becoming a member of the church family,” Logen Meyers, said.

To celebrate this decision, MHA awarded Logen with a journal to record his personal walk with Jesus and his new church family gave him a Bible so that he can dive deeper into the Scriptures.

To conclude the special day, Chris Morris, pastor of worship and youth, gave what he called a take-home sermon, inviting members to take a bag filled with items to illustrate the sermon on being calm from Philippians 4:6-7.

MHA students and teachers left with an invitation to join Littleton’s Christmas community evangelism event, “The Bethlehem Experience,” a walk-through depiction of the birth of Christ this December at Littleton Church.