One of the jobs that falls on teachers in our school system is recruiting students. At Stone Ridge SDA Christian School, the principal and grades 1-8 teacher Rudy Carlson has found an exciting and engaging way to invite prospective students into the classroom.

Every year we designate a special day for inviting students to experience the blend of Christian atmosphere, dynamic learning and friendship available here at Stone Ridge. This year’s theme was The Body Temple.

The kids learned about healthy eating while creating their own fruit kabab. Then they took their resting pulse before and after exercising, comparing the two. They played the game Operation and dressed up in surgical garb, learning how to glove up and the correct way to remove gloves after you’re done with a “procedure.” They also got to see a real heart, view a specimen under a stereoscope, and see actual bone marrow in the bone.

The highlight of the day was when each student did surgery on a Little Debbie. No, not a person—the snack cake! The challenge was to unroll the snack cake completely, turn it over and keep as much of the chocolate cover intact as possible. Sounds easy enough until you learn you can’t use your hands; you can only use your “surgical instruments.” In this case those instruments were a plastic fork, knife and spoon.

Half of the children attending the round-up were not from Adventist homes. At Stone Ridge we actively recruit community students as we believe our school is a mission and we are committed to bringing the love of Jesus to the community, one child at a time.

Collene Klick is a member of the Duluth Church.