This year, it felt like winter lasted forever!  Long after the time change, longer days, and the calendar rolling through April, we still faced cold days.  Finally, after much waiting and anticipation, spring arrived.  Warmer days, scampering squirrels, chirping birds, and emerging butterflies all signaled the dawning of spring.  Spring has finally sprung! 

One of the things I love about spring is how the world awakes from the stillness of winter to a hub of activity.  Birds are singing, chipmunks are scurrying around, dogs scamper playfully, and fish swim with vigor. Even the trees burst to life with vibrant blossoms!  In my imagination I see nature all around me praising their Creator with their entire being.  If spring is a signal to nature to awaken to praise, how much more should people, God’s prized creations, spring to praise Him?  We read about this in the Song of Solomon 2:11-12,

“Look, the winter is past.  The rains are over and gone.  Blossoms appear through all the land.  The time has come to sing…” (ICB).

As you enjoy the wonders of springtime, reflect on the majesty and creative power of our God.  Celebrate Who God is through praise.  Respond to His awesome power with praise.

Try this family application tip.  Incorporate praising God into your family routine.  Try any or all of the praise activities below.    

  1. Pom Pom Praise.  Sing songs of praise and wave pom poms, ribbons, or scarves as you sing.
  2. Praise Blitz.  Start a timer and have each person write down as many examples of Who God is.  See who can come up with the most suggestions.  Share your lists.  Some examples are Provider, Creator, Friend, Powerful, Mighty.  
  3. Praise Parade.  Use (or make your own) instruments and play them as you march and sing praise songs.  
  4. Praise Poetry.  Read Psalm 136.  As a family write your own verses to add to this psalm and add the line at the end of each praise “…for His love endures forever.” (ICB)
  5. Breathe Praises.  Read Psalm 150.  Emphasize verse 6 “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord” (ICB).  Give each person a party noisemaker.  Take turns praising God and with each praise, blow the noisemaker. 


– Pastor Shawna Henry, Associate Pastor, Piedmont Park Seventh-day Adventist church