Southview Christian School (SCS) has three big reasons to celebrate its 10th anniversary in a new facility.

First, the school has grown from a dozen students to more than 50.

Second, the school’s half-million dollar mortgage has been paid off.

Among joyful participants at the mortgage burning ceremony were Emmett Johnson and Bruce Houchins, the initial and current treasurers, respectively. Speakers included Southview Church pastor Jim Hiner, Jr. with the pastor from a decade ago, Don Davis; Ed Barnett, Minnesota Conference president; Rayleen Hansen, SCS principal; and Dennis Castle, who chaired the project committee. Don Nelson and Phil Lane shared recollections of God’s leading in finding land and securing it at a reasonable cost. Fund raising then began for the “Fulfilling the Dream Together” project. Speaker after speaker at the celebration exclaimed, “It was all a miracle.”

The third reason for celebrating at SCS was the ribbon cutting ceremony for a new state-of-the-art kitchen. It was dedicated to the memory of Christine Kelley, who passed away in 2010. Chris was a strong supporter of SCS when it was still just a dream. Later, she chaired the school board. Known and loved by her church family and the community, Chris expressed the wish that any gifts in her memory be directed to SCS. Members generously contributed to assure that the kitchen in her name could be dedicated debt free. Orville and Betty Wetzell oversaw the details necessary for completion, assisted by many church volunteers.

How thrilled Chris would be to know that SCS is debt free because of “the sacrifice and dedication of Southview’s members and friends”—words she herself used 10 years ago.

Author Dr. Pat Johnston is a member of Southview Church in Minneapolis.