With Bibles in hand and “Step Up To Happiness” study guides created by Pastor George Bryant, the Shiloh Church prison ministry team reaches out week by week to inmates of the Federal Penitentiary in Leavenworth, Kansas. Marcia Payne, David Arnold, Maria Fraker, and Hewitt Adams faithfully provide instruction about Jesus, the Bible and Seventh-day Adventist beliefs.

Prisoners hear messages of hope that appeal for them to dedicate their lives to Jesus. Six of them have been baptized at the penitentiary, becoming the first satellite members of the Shiloh Church. Their group adopted the name Light House, which provides them a distinctive identity inside the “Big House.”

Pastor James White officiated over the baptism, with 22 inmates and four volunteers attending. Before the baptism, White preached the gospel of Jesus Christ with Holy Ghost power, inspiring inmates to erupt in spontaneous expressions of praise. During his appeal, two more prisoners decided to be baptized at a later date.

The Shiloh Church prison ministry team asks for prayer that the warden, chaplains and prison officials at Leavenworth will remain supportive of their ministry.

News writer Marcia Payne is prison ministry director for the Shiloh Church in Leavenworth, Kansas.