This past summer the Source of Life Russian Church conducted an evangelistic program for the Russian-speaking community in the Twin Cities. During the campaign, which ran from July 28 to Aug. 12, more than 60 people visited the bright, cozy hall of a Hopkins, Minnesota, high school. There were both Russian- and English-speaking visitors, and some had never met Adventists before.

Over the past few years, Russian-speaking Adventists in Minnesota have been producing programs using non-traditional forms of evangelism, which have yielded good results. Members received positive responses among the population. People are eager to attend such programs, despite the fact that they are often held daily for a number of weeks.

It seems such forms of evangelism have a strong future. They provide an opportunity to involve a large number of church members, they are more likely to be visited by non-believers, and they are cheaper. They do, though, sometimes require a realignment of church provisions for spending campaign funds in order to effectively respond to gospel-sharing opportunities in these modern times.

On Saturday, Aug. 11, as a direct result of the evangelistic series, the first baptisms took place: three people made a covenant with the Lord. The following Saturday, another four people were baptized at the church camp for Russian-speaking members and their guests.

The church staff thank the Source of Life church members for their active support of the program and dedication to the ministry. Praise God for His blessings!

Photo courtesy Valeriy Ruchko

Valeriy Ruchko pastors the Source of Life Russian Church in Plymouth, Minnesota.