The Sedalia Adventurer and Pathfinder clubs have committed to helping their Missouri community with various monthly outreach projects in 2015. We have six Little Lambs/Eager Beavers, led by Lauretta Oetman; 12 Adventurers, led by Molly Baslee; and 15 Pathfinders, led by my husband, Ben, and myself.

At the beginning of the year Baslee heard of an opportunity through a co-worker to gather clothes for people in Ukraine. The kids decorated donation barrels and spread the word among their family and friends. At the end of the drive a 10-by-10 foot crate was filled with clothes for infants, children and adults. As a result, the woman who had asked for help was grateful for the club’s willingness to show kindness and wants to know more about our church.

Next the kids took on the challenge of assisting a local animal shelter and collected more than 400 pounds of dog food and 100 pounds of cat food. The staff at the small shelter were greatly appreciative of the large donation and interested to know what church the kids attended. They told us that food for small shelters, although very much needed, is often overlooked.

Most recently the Adventurers and Pathfinders learned more about the work of the local law enforcement’s DARE and K9 Units. During the presentation two officers showed the kids how dogs help police find drugs. They also explained how drugs can negatively impact kids’ lives.

This article was also published in the May 2015 print edition of OUTLOOK. It was written by Christine Armantrout, co-director of the Sedalia, Missouri Pathfinder club.