I’m excited about the current Sabbath School lesson, aren’t you?

Thematically, the lesson focuses on the blessings of the Sabbath.

Participation in a Sabbath School study group at church or at home is in itself a blessing and a great way to draw closer to God on the Sabbath.

If you don’t attend a Sabbath School study group, what would encourage you to do so?

Over the years there have been many reasons why I haven’t attended an actual adult Sabbath School class. As a young woman, church wasn’t a great priority for me. When I was interested in attending church regularly again, I was too busy with my young children to go to an adult study class.

Now, and for the last many years, I teach lower division Sabbath School classes, so I don’t attend adult Sabbath School at all.

You may be in the same boat I am. You may not be interested in attending or you may be unable. Whatever is keeping you from your church’s small group, you can still study the lesson, and I encourage you too!

A 24/1 Vacation in a 24/7 World

I’m tired, aren’t you? We live in a tiring world. We live in a nonstop, high-speed, high-stress world. On the best of days, living in today’s world is trying and on the worst days it’s traumatic.

Sabbath rest offers a space of peace at least once a week that we desperately need. Sabbath School offers a support group int he midst of that space.

The benefit of leaning into the current Sabbath School lesson is that you learn about the Sabbath while celebrating and practicing it. This weekly study is just a step closer to a weekly vacation from the stress of today’s world.

If you’re unfamiliar with a Sabbath practice or if you celebrate Sabbath but have never attended Sabbath School, here are some tips to get you starts.

If you celebrate Sabbath at home: 

  • Find a taped Sabbath School lesson. My dad likes Hope Sabbath School produced by Hope Channel. Another popular one is the 3ABN Sabbath School Panel.
  • Follow along with a Sabbath School blog. Teresa Thompson’s The Teacher’s Notes is a great resource! You can find other helpful resources and links here: https://absg.adventist.org.
  • Contact the local church Sabbath School teacher and ask him or her for the resources the local group uses.
  • Look for a Sabbath School group that meets virtually so you can join a fellowship on Sabbath.

If you celebrate Sabbath at church: 

  • Call the Sabbath School teacher and introduce yourself!
  • Consider meeting with the Sabbath School group outside of church to form a community together.
  • Prepare for Sabbath School by following along with the weekly lesson.
  • Participate as best you can during the small group Sabbath School.

What are your favorite things about adult Sabbath School this quarter? Jump on Facebook and let us know! Make sure to share your favorite resources as well.