In six short years the Vista Adventist Fellowship in Longmont, Colorado has reached a significant milestone. The congregation, which started in 2009 with less than 30 members, now has 99.

In the last 12 months the English-speaking Vista Church has had 20 baptisms and started a Spanish-speaking congregation (also in Longmont) that has already had eight baptisms.

“We see the Lord doing great things. We have several small groups that are growing, and our church attendance is also growing,” reported Blake Jones, church pastor.

“The fruit that we are seeing at Vista is a testament that God is still able to work through His people in powerful ways when they take the Great Commission and put all their energies into it,” Jones said.

He added that attendance in both churches exceeds membership, explaining that an average attendance of the English-speaking church is about 75, with 35 believers in average weekly attendance for the Spanish group.

Presently, there are three Adventist congregations in Longmont, a city of nearly 90,000 people. The Vista congregation rents its church facility from the First Baptist Church of Longmont.

Jones stated that they have a good relationship with the Baptist Church. “Once a year, in the summer, we have ‘church in the park’ with our Baptist brothers and sisters where on a Sunday morning we gather together with them at Roosevelt Park in downtown Longmont, along with one other congregation, and have church together.”

Each pastor takes a turn preaching when the three churches gather, so every third year Jones preaches. “It is always well received,” he said.

Church members appreciate being a part of the growing congregation. One new member said, “I am so glad I found this church. Coming here has changed my life.”

James D’Annunzio, another new church member, said, “I’ve been to a number of churches where you are a number. It’s not like that here. You come here and you feel like family.”

New member Louise Kawa said that if you are having a problem you know your church family is there for you. “At Vista people really care.”

Pastor Jones concluded: “These comments get to the heart of why Vista is growing. It is a very loving church family. And since we have been focusing on prayer we have seen substantial growth.”