Rocky Mountain Conference’s Spring Break Mission Trips

Kaleo Project: youth preach in Ecuador

In Quevedo, Ecuador, 11 Rocky Mountain young people conducted their own evangelistic series, each at a different location. As snow fell back home, young evangelists from Mile High and Vista Ridge academies were preaching in humid, 80-degree weather. Two spoke in Spanish and the rest in English, with a translator. It was the first mission trip of the Kaleo Project, a youth evangelism arm of the Rocky Mountain Youth Department.

“I visited each site to see firsthand how the Lord was using our young people in a powerful way,” reported Jamey Houghton, who directed the trip. “Our youngest preacher was 12 years old and our oldest was 17. Every one of them preached boldly the message of hope and salvation!” Local pastors reported that 130 people were baptized.

Campion Academy students return to Belize

For the ninth time, students and adults from the Rocky Mountain Conference visited Belize Adventist Junior College. The group of 47 volunteers built a chapel, began construction of a library and nearly completed a classroom and administration building.

“There is something about giving yourself in service that gives such a good feeling, down to the depths of your soul. And having so much fun while you are doing it—that’s about as good as it gets,” said Bill Hay, stewardship director for Rocky Mountain Conference. While providing new facilities for the school, students also learned construction skills.

Colorado members build a church in Panama

Members from Denver West Church joined several other congregations and seven students from Campion Academy on a mission to David, Panama, constructing a church building.

Campion math and physics teacher Kent Kast reported: “Most of us didn’t know each other before this trip. Many friendships were formed within our group and with local people. I much enjoyed working with everyone—and it was evident that God was with us.”

Honduran orphanage benefits from new housing

For the fifth time, a group from Campion Academy visited the Pan American Health Service in Peña Blanca, Honduras. The facility is a hospital and orphanage for malnourished children. Mission participants included 29 students, 13 sponsors and a dentist.

Nate Marin, Spanish and geography teacher from Campion Academy, reported that they tiled all the walls, did electrical work, poured concrete and laid cement block to provide the orphans with new housing. They also found time to organize a Vacation Bible School and to staff a dental clinic in the nearby village of Aqua Azul.

Upcoming projects

“I am excited about the wonderful reports from these mission trips,” said Gary Thurber, Rocky Mountain Conference president. “I look forward to seeing how God uses our Rocky Mountain youth on future trips to bring hope to a dying world.” In June, a group of young people from Wyoming will preach in Honduras, while others will preach and build a church in Zambia.

 Guest news writer Mark Bond is communication director for the Rocky Mountain Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.