Series Translated in Seven Languages

It was amazing to see people from all walks of life flocking to the auditorium at the Minneapolis Convention Center to hear what Bible prophecy says about the future of our world. I was taken by surprise on the opening night, Feb. 27, to see the auditorium packed. I was also surprised by what I witnessed when I went to the translation booths, where interpretation was already being provided in six other languages.

As I was getting ready to start interpreting the first night, a request came to connect Oromo language speakers in Portland, Seattle and other places to the seminar via teleconference. I thought I was going to interpret only to people in the auditorium at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Little did I know that people were packed in a teleconference room to listen to the message from Pastor Shawn Boonstra.

I learned that people are extremely hungry for the word of God, and in particular, to learn the way Seventh-day Adventists interpret the books of prophecy. Through their network they have created a way to hear the words of love and peace from our loving God.

The leadership of the Minnesota Conference has done a wonderful job of coordinating the resources in the conference to facilitate this program. The excitement I saw among the volunteers, pastors and Voice of Prophecy staff was contagious.

The critical question for me as pastor of the Oromo Church in Minnesota is how more of the thousands of Oromo language speakers in the Twin Cities can be reached because of the Revelation Speaks Peace seminar. My prayer is that people will respond to the voice that bids them take part in God’s blessings. Only God can do that; we must stay focused and pray that the message presented continues changing lives.

Desta Gelgelu pastors the Oromo Church in Minneapolis.

Hispanic Membership Increases

In preparation to join the last week of Revelation Speaks Peace meetings the week of March 21-28, our Hispanic churches conducted 10 evangelistic series across the Metro area. The churches brought in seasoned evangelists/pastors to conduct these meetings for two weeks. We had 258 visitors and 12 persons asking for baptism. The Hispanic ministry team has asked the Lord for 88-100 baptisms from these meetings. On March 28 the Hispanic ministry launched a reaping harvest meeting for one week with Pastor Julio Chazarreta of the El Centinela magazine of Pacific Press Publishing Assosication.

Pastor Yulian Tinoco is Hispanic Ministries coordinator for the Minnesota Conference.

Highlights from the Largest Adventist Reaping Event in the Twin Cities’ History

One of the language translators in our meetings said, “I have been a Christian since the 1980s but this is new! I am so excited and eager to learn not only for myself but for my community who is thirsty for satisfying truth.” He explained that he has been to Bible school, worked with the Jesus film, and been a leader in his community, but what he was learning through translating the Revelation Speaks Peace messages was completely new to him. He was amazed that the Bible contained so many historical details and truth for human questions.

A security officer from the convention center had also been listening intently to the messages. A Voice of Prophecy staff member noticed and offered her a CD and some other materials. She declined with the explanation that she could not accept anything while on duty or she might lose her job.

Two days later on her off night she was sitting in the auditorium! The staff member spotted her, greeted her by name, and handed her the material she had declined earlier. I believe this message will change her life.

Another individual from a different Christian denomination was attending the meetings every night. It was obvious he felt conviction. One day while talking with Shawn Boonstra he said, “I enjoy your meetings but I am not becoming an Adventist.” Later while presenting the message on the judgment Boonstra asked, “If something happened today, would you be on the Lamb’s side or not?”

After the meeting that man was rushed to the hospital when he suffered a mild heart attack. Two days later he was back, having just gotten out of the hospital and still wearing his IV bandages. It was a relief to see him and we praised God. I strongly believe that this brother will not be able to run away from the truth forever. Please pray for him, and others like him, that these meetings will have a positive ripple effect for years to come.

Brian Mungandi is vice president of administration and communication director for the Minnesota Conference.


This article is also being published in the May 2015 print edition of OUTLOOK. It’s three authors are noted above.