After 14 years of service, Dave Walker has retired as principal, teacher and friend from Daystar Christian School, operated by the Pueblo First Church.

Walker taught foundational subjects that took students well into high school and beyond. Many of his former students have graduated from college with majors such as business, pre-med, physics, music, nursing, math and engineering. His students have attended Union College, Andrews University, Southern Adventist University, Walla Walla University, Pueblo Community College, University of Colorado at Boulder, The U.S. Naval Academy and others.

Walker has been dedicated to his students’ intellectual, emotional, spiritual and physical growth. Many of his students have been on mission trips, traveling to Honduras, Costa Rica, Belize, Japan, Egypt, Spain, Mexico and the Marshall Islands. In addition, several of the men are now officers in the Marine Corps and Navy.

News writer/photographer Linda Jackson is a member of the Pueblo First Church.