Elder Jesse Caffey of Lincoln, Nebraska is 83 years old, but that doesn’t stop him from partnering with his wife, Vernice, in blessing many people overseas who need Bibles.

Five years ago the Lincoln, Nebraska-based couple were watching 3ABN as Danny Shelton interviewed a young man recently returned from South Africa. The Caffeys learned that 4 million people there want Bibles. Many forgo food for several days to buy a Bible, one of which typically serves 20 people. They also heard how a 90-year-old woman, upon receiving a Bible, hugged it to her chest. Looking up toward heaven she exclaimed, “My first Bible!”

“Here is something we can do,” the Caffeys said. To date, they have collected and delivered for distribution 1,000,000 new Bibles, 4,000,000 Bible studies, 80,000 used Bibles, 41,000 Spanish Bibles (for Cuba) and 100,000 books by Ellen White.

In addition, Jesse and Vernice learned that evangelists and Bible workers in South Africa use bicycles frequently as transportation. With the Lord’s blessing, they have sent 35 mountain bikes to South Africa for use in outreach.

Jesse and Vernice praise the Lord for those who have partnered with them to “reach the world one Bible at a time.” For more information, contact the Caffeys at 1710 W Plum St, Lincoln, NE 68522 or call 402.476.9993.