Last week Martin Bashir of MSNBC was interviewing a prominent minister on his show. He asked the minister this question regarding the devastation and death in Japan following the earthquake and Tsunami. I quote, “Either God is all powerful and he doesn’t care about the people of Japan and their suffering or He does care but He’s not all powerful. Which is it?” I didn’t like either of those choices and it was obvious that the pastor being interviewed wanted to choose option number three so he proceeded to give an alternate view and again Martin Bashir more emphatic this time repeated the either or question demanding an answer and giving only those two options. – In his mind it was one answer or the other – there was no third option. I wonder how many times I do that to God. I have answered things in my mind or tried to understand Him and His actions and make explanations or excuses for Him and my view is so small that I’m answering the wrong question. Or don’t even have the correct answers in the multiple choice options. Often in the Bible people would ask Jesus a question and He would answer on a completely different topic. In effect He would say: When you see the whole picture that isn’t even a question.