I don’t know how it could have happened, after all I am an expert in making bread.  I  have made thousands of loaves of bread and a good number of cinnamon rolls,  I could do it with my eyes closed.

On Friday I decided to make cinnamon rolls, it’s a new vegan recipe and simple enough.  I put everything in the Bosch and turned it on and suddenly I had a big ball of dough that even the Bosch could not handle.  I added water, at least a cup, but the big ball of dough just kept spinning like a kid on a merry-go-round. Finally after adding much water and watching the dough go ’round and ’round I plopped the whole thing into the garbage can.

We had red lentil soup and spelt biscuits for Friday night dinner as the dough sat  in the garbage waiting to be picked up by the garbage truck.

It boggles my mind how I could have made such a mess of a simple process of bread making and then it hit me, I often do this with my very own life.  I get in a hurry and don’t take the time to slow down and do things right.  Or worse yet I don’t slow down for Jesus, you know, taking time for Him. 

Just recently I have joined a small Bible study group.  It gives me opportunity to slow down and really study the Bible.  Every morning I have an assignment to complete and I am always eager to get back to my study the next day.  We meet on Wednesday at noon and we are only together a little over an hour, it is certainly and hour well spent.

If you don’t have a Bible study group to join, think about starting one.  Journey to Joy, would be a good place to start.  This is a new DVD Bible study by Carla Gober.  You may purchase this at www.AdventSource.org or at your local ABC.  The study comes with a leaders guide and a participants book plus the DVD’s.  It is designed for individual study or group study.  Try it you will love it.