A prayer anointing service was held at the Dakota Conference camp meeting in June. About 20 people presented various prayer requests, and were prayed for and anointed by Pastors Sam Thomas, Terry Pflugrad, Mark Piotrowski and Barry St. Clair.

The service had three main parts. First, a prayer of humility and confession was offered by Dr. Piotrowski, conference vp of administration and education superintendent, inviting every person to yield their hearts to Christ in confession. Then, those gathered prayed with and for one another, and for the collected prayer requests posted throughout camp meeting week on the board in the prayer room. Finally, the pastors prayed for each participant and personally anointed them with oil, asking in faith for God to move upon each life as He saw fit.

“The anointing service was powerful. The pastors took their time and prayed for each person requesting anointing,” said Janice Koslowski-Dickhaut. “There were all ages participating which was touching, me not knowing the others’ needs. Afterwards, one participant was relieved; burdens lifted. The whole service was very powerful.”

Pastor Sam Thomas shared, “Four people, four different situations, and four solutions. God gave me the opportunity to anoint and pray for all four people. We lifted up their request believing God would answer in the way that He knew best. Each one was experiencing physical pain and emotional baggage which they left in the hands of the Almighty. God heard and answered their prayers that day, that moment, there is no doubt in my mind.”

For many, the number of hours spent in prayer during the past year has likely increased. The challenge we now face is guarding this special and sacred invitation by our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to participate with Him in the ministry of intercession and reconciliation as our schedules start to fill up again.

Future plans include forming a Dakota Conference Prayer Committee and hosting a prayer conference annually.