Three documentaries about Seventh-day Adventists from award-winning film maker Martin Doblmeier will air on PBS, starting this month. 

The ADVENTISTS and The ADVENTISTS 2 look at Adventist healthcare and the Church’s focus on abiding faith, cutting edge medicine and why members tend to live longer, healthier lives.

The BLUEPRINT is a collection of short features about students and teachers who form an extraordinary network of schools operated by the Adventist Church.

The ADVENTISTS will air:

  • Dec. 19, 7 pm CST
  • Dec. 19, 11 pm CST
  • Dec. 21, 8 am CST
  • Dec 21, 2 pm CST

The BLUEPRINT will air:

  • Dec. 19, 8 am CST
  • Dec. 20, 12 am CST
  • Dec. 21, 9 am CST
  • Dec. 21, 3 pm CST

Then, on Jan. 7, 2016 both The ADVENTISTS and The ADVENTISTS 2 will be re-transmitted to every PBS station nationwide (schedule not yet available).

Doblmeier’s company, Journey Films, will be be promoting the films to every PBS station manager and anticipates many additional broadcast opportunities. 

All three films are available individually and as a set called The ADVENTISTS Trilogy at Adventist Book Centers around the U.S. and at