Pathfinder history was made last September as two conferences from two different unions met for a combined Pathfinder camporee. This is only the second time it has happened—and it was the same conferences who participated the first time in 2003.

Wisconsin Conference of the Lake Union and Minnesota Conference of the Mid-America Union joined together to make a great Pathfinder experience at Harmony Park near Clarks Grove, Minnesota.

Each campsite in this beautiful, oak-laden park had a fire ring so the nearly 600 Pathfinders and staff could practice their camp skills. Additionally, there was enough space to work on several different honors and activities at once. Some of these included soccer, tree climbing, stars, paper quilling and geocaching, just to name a few of the 23 options. Throughout the weekend Pathfinders used three cords of wood and happily consumed many S’mores.

Conference presidents Justin Lyons from Minnesota and Mike Edge from Wisconsin welcomed the Pathfinders on Sabbath morning. Pastor Eugene Kitney from Texas brought the Pathfinders into “Harmony with Jesus” as he elaborated on the theme throughout the weekend.

One of the highlights of the weekend was when the owner of Harmony Park and his family joined us for Sabbath worship. The Lord blessed and many great memories were made at this historical camporee.

Jim Cook is Pathfinder director for the Minnesota Conference.