The other day I was watching Oprah, I know what you are thinking, but sometimes I really enjoy Oprah. I wish I would have listened a little better because I don’t even remember the name of the fellow I am talking about.

He was a big time producer of movies, when the money started pouring in he could not believe it.  He even told someone that it just did not  feel right.  Finally he had so much money he bought a mansion with 6 bathrooms and all the other stuff that comes with owning a very big house.  Yet he said he just didn’t feel good about his life.  The money kept coming.

Finally he stopped working, sold his house bought a double wide trailer with two bathrooms and gave a lot of his money away.  He now lives with the idea of using what you need, take only what you will use, leave some for others.  Be kind to the earth, reuse things and be happy with less.  He said his life is so simple now and he is happy.

Can this be, could I be happy living in a double wide trailer?  Could I really enjoy only buying what I need not what I want?  IDK 

I have thought about this a lot, it has made me think.   Actually I am now saving containers that can be reused, I am looking around my house to see what I can live without.  The purse I have been looking at is still at the store, I have so many others in the closet.

Take only what you need is a new way of looking at things and I like how it looks.