Oakwood University has been announced as a finalist in The Home Depot’s 2014 RETOOL YOUR SCHOOL Campus Improvement Grant Program. One $50,000 Tier I major grant, 13 Tier II $10,000 grants, and three $25,000 campus pride grants for the schools that receive the most online votes and social media activity, as assessed by The Home Depot®, will be awarded. The Home Depot® will announce the winners on or around May 2.

In 2013 Oakwood won the Tier 1 grant, which allowed the University to construct an outdoor pavilion. Because of last year’s victory, Oakwood is not eligible to win in the Tier 1 category. However, Oakwood is eligible to win in the campus pride category, which will allow the University to re-seed the softball and soccer fields as well as install sprinkler systems.

From February 17 to April 14, supporters can visitwww.retoolyourschool.com to vote for Oakwood University’s campus improvement project. “We need everyone’s support to help Oakwood win this grant,” said Kisha Norris, executive director for advancement and development for Oakwood. Oakwood is the only Seventh-day Adventist university in the competition.

The winning school of the Campus Pride Grant will be selected by a combination of the applicant’s social media activity and voting score. The three applicants with the highest votes and most social media activity, as determined by the sponsor during the voting period, will be awarded with the Campus Pride Grants.

News writer George Johnson, Jr. is director of Integrated Marketing and Public Relations for Oakwood University.