Love Makes Us One was this year’s theme at Northside Church to ignite a transformation in the crime-stricken community. On Oct. 29, 2016, a march demonstration for peace in the neighboring apartment complexes was led by Pathfinders and a police escort. Pastor Cedrick Belcher ushered in Sabbath morning with a message urging the congregation to invest in their community. The march concluded in the church parking lot where Fox 2 news and others were gathered and eager to witness the rally.

The rally featured singing by Northside’s youth and speeches from community leaders. Attendees were energized, enlightened and encouraged as our special guest speakers, including James Clark from Better Family Life and state Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal along with local church leaders, all emphasized that exercising love is the ultimate solution to cleaning up our community. Keep your ears to the ground and get ready to witness the transformation!

Lynnette Williamson is communication coordinator for the Northside Church.