My name is Lorilee Lippincott. I live with an amazingly patient husband and two kids… who are trying to teach me patience. I have been trying to live intentionally and really look at why I do what I do for a few years. It has brought me to desiring practical religion, home schooling my kids, and most recently, selling most of our stuff (this was a family thing, I didn’t do it behind anyone’s back) and moving into a small apartment. (for more about us click here)

I blog at www.lovingsimpleliving.com. I started this blog last year to document what we were learning through our simplifying process, and to help keep me accountable. On my blog I talk about minimalism/simplifyingintentional livingreligionparenting, and home schooling. I also share charity updates, and vegan recipes. I have also documented some of the fun stuff we have been doing like ourMinimalist Christmas, and our 5 week road trip last summer.

I have been a Christian Seventh-Day Adventist from birth and want to follow, seek, and share God with everything I do. Currently I am a member of Golden Hills Seventh-Day Adventist church in Bellevue, Nebraska.

So what is Simple Living?

Simple living starts materially. In our culture it is so easy to get bogged down by so much stuff that we can’t keep track of it all. As a family, we have gotten rid of about 75% of our stuff in the last year, and without it we feel so much more free. So often our society pushes more and bigger only to make us feel behind and lacking. Simple living comes from being content and thankful. Simple living materially means that my home has what I need and love in it, and nothing more.

Simple living goes beyond material stuff to include time, scheduling, expectations, and many other areas of our life and thoughts. It includes giving up the past that holds us back, and not holding unrealistic expectations of the future.

Simple living is living in the present and enjoying every minute of it.

I am excited to be joining the group of Outlook Bloggers for 2012, and am excited to share and learn with you more this year.