An Iowa-based ministry is utilizing Internet to television streaming to further the gospel message. features videos, Bible studies and devotionals on basic Bible truths. In a non-intrusive way, people can learn more about Jesus and His love for them.

Earlier this year Unlocking Truth launched a free channel on the video streaming service Roku. Roku makes web-based videos viewable on your television. Once you purchase a Roku device you can access their video library (largely free) that includes 144 Christian channels.

Elder Steve Nelson, pastor of the Council Bluffs, Iowa district, and his wife, Samantha, started the Unlocking Truth outreach ministry seven years ago. “It came into existence out of a desire to reach people who would never darken the door of a church with the eternal message of God’s transforming love,” said Elder Nelson. “People are searching, perhaps unknowingly, for something more, and we want to introduce them to the Source of Life and Truth. Our evangelism approach follows Biblical truth as taught and revealed through the life and ministry of Jesus and seeks to prepare others for His soon return.”

Within one month of the activation of the ministry’s free Roku channel, and with no advertising, it had been installed on 4,000 devices. “It’s really amazing,” said Samantha. “Just think of all the seekers who could learn Bible truth through an otherwise secular means! We see it as a terrific opportunity to reach a large amount of people.”

To learn more about Unlocking Truth, visit Other Adventist channels on Roku include The Adventist Channel, Hope TV, Amazing Facts and 3ABN.


Author Michelle Hansen is communication/Sabbath school director for the Iowa-Missouri Conference.