Spencer Hannah shares his passion for Adventist education

I am an educator because of the impact teachers had upon my life. At Mount Vernon Academy, they helped me build a relationship with Jesus Christ. I then knew that I wanted to be a teacher at a boarding academy.

My career as an educator began at Campion Academy in 1982, and I’ve been working on boarding academy campuses ever since. God has placed a burden upon my heart to build relations with young people, and through those relationships have opportunity to impact their lives—just as He impacts my life.

I am excited to return to Campion. My wife, Eva, and I both have strong and fond memories of Campion and we are eager to get reacquainted with our friends there. Both our children—Seth (29) and Erin (26)—were born in Loveland.

I know that Campion (like other academies) faces challenges—finances, enrollment, physical plant, and a society distracted by so many things. I want to touch as many lives as possible, and I am praying that God will send many young men and women our way so that they may be led to see Him.

My commitment is to provide as many opportunities as possible for Campion students to get a view of God that requires them to decide what role He will play in their life. This is the heart of Adventist education for me!

I love being involved with teenagers—their energy and typical genuine authenticity is inspiring!

I like to play most any sport—basketball, softball, football, snow skiing—and really enjoy golfing. I also have a passion for mission trips, as I see them as the most impacting single event we do with our students. I have been on 25 short-term trips with students and hope that will continue.