Born and raised in Denver, Colorado, Brittany Winkfield grew up with heavy influences in the communication field. Both her parents lead professional careers in the radio/music arenas spanning more than 30 years.

Another strong influence came from what started as a business relationship for childcare for Brittany when she was five years old. A friendship grew between Brittany and the Roston family and she began attending the New Community Church occasionally in her early years and eventually more frequently as she learned the truths of the Adventist Church. She gave her heart to Christ at the age of 16.

Brittany holds a Bachelor of Science in communication with concentrations in photojournalism and print journalism. When deciding what to study while attending Oakwood University, her natural choice was communication. “There is such a wide range of opportunities in the communications discipline and I knew I’d find something that would challenge my mind and broaden my views,” stated Brittany.

Upon graduation from Oakwood in 2008, Brittany spent time in Atlanta, Georgia interning at Upscale Magazine, which led to a temporary job in their editorial department. After living three months in Georgia, Brittany wanted to relocate back to Alabama where her then boyfriend, now husband, was completing his program at Oakwood. God answered prayers and provided a job at the Huntsville/Madison Chamber of Commerce. Brittany worked two years as their events coordinator. “I learned so much during the first years of my professional career,” she said. “Those lessons shaped me into the person I am today.”

In 2009 Brittany married Marcus Winkfield from Columbus, Ohio. When they were considering places to settle, they agreed it would be the first place to offer a job in their field. Brittany was offered a position at the Denver Chamber of Commerce as their marketing and events coordinator. So she and Marcus packed up their apartment in Huntsville and drove to Colorado in 2010. After four years at the Denver Chamber and having become a mother of two, Brittany left to lead the ministry of Back2Basics Magazine.

Brittany’s passion is communicating. She is continually developing an increasing awareness and skill in communication practices. Back2Basics is quickly becoming the relationship e-magazine for the reclamation of young adults. Now in its third year, this magazine grows in readership every month with a current reach of 2,500 subscribers. Accessible as an electronic publication, Back2Basics is easily shared via the mobile app and

Looking ahead, Brittany sees her mission in this new role with Central States as empowering local church ministry through stories, initiatives and developments by means of printed material, the Web and social media. “We live in an exciting time of fast-paced news and constant change. And while communicating well takes practice and innovation, the tools and resources we have make it easier than ever before to share God’s love and His soon coming. If we become better communicators, we will become better leaders.”