Deb Claymore-Cuny (right). Photo courtesy James Bokovoy Photography.

Debra Claymore-Cuny (right). Photo courtesy James Bokovoy Photography.

Native Ministry coordinator Deb Claymore-Cuny recently attended the North American Division Native Ministries meeting in San Diego, California. This gathering is held in conjunction with the National Congress of American Indians annual meeting. NCAI is the most powerful and influential organization serving Native people and also the oldest, at 75 years running. Tribes from across the nation are represented and are part of the policy and decision-making process not only for tribes as a group, but also for the federal government.
The president of NCAI, Brian Cladoosby, is in Washington, DC almost weekly, meeting with senators and many times President Obama. It is noteworthy that President Cladoosby is a Seventh-day Adventist. He was recently re-elected for a second two-year term.

The new American Indian Living magazine includes a page with NCAI information. Currently, the Seventh-day Adventist Church is the only church involved with NCAI.

Debra Claymore-Cuny is Native Ministry coordinator for the Dakota Conference.