Dan Jackson, president of the North American Division (NAD), spent two days last April at Omaha Memorial Church sharing inspiring messages, reporting on the state of the church and holding a Q&A session during a special weekend themed Fulfilling the Missional Dream.

“The function of the church is to serve as a mediator for the grace of God,” Jackson said. “He appointed the church to mediate His grace.”

Coordinated by Pastor Jerry Connell and a team from the Omaha Church, this spiritual emphasis weekend involved other Adventist pastors and members in the Omaha area. “One long-time member from the Sharon Church told me it was the first time she had seen anything like this where the churches worked together,” Connell said.

During the worship service Pastor Connell and his wife, Kathy, presented Jackson with a small box of mementos, including coasters, a water bottle and baseball cap from Omaha, and a bottle of 100% pure maple syrup from Quebec. Connell and Jackson are both native Canadians.

Touched by the warm response from those who attended, Jackson concluded, “Friends, it’s all about the foundation. The family of Adventism around the world owes that faithfulness to our own NAD members.”


Author John Treolo is communication director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference.