What are your favorite chapters in the Bible?

In trying to guide a pleasant but pointless dinnertime conversation toward a spiritual theme, I’ll sometimes ask guests around the table to share which Bible chapters are the most helpful to them. Everyone seems to have different favorites, based upon their own needs, experiences and personalities. Here is my list of the seven I would take with me to a desert island, if they were all I could have:

#1: Genesis 1 = It tells us how we got here

#2: Revelation 22 = It tells us where we are going

#3: Romans 8 = It exudes life, hope and confidence in God through the Spirit

#4: 1 Peter 1 = A spectacular expression of faith and joy amid adversity

#5: 1 Corinthians 15 = The most thorough and thrilling explanation of the Gospel, connecting our future resurrection to Christ’s historic resurrection and its victory over sin, death and the devil

#6: John 5 = It portrays Jesus as the compassionate healer and life-giver, in contrast with heartless and formalized religionists

#7: Luke 23 = We must include a chapter on the cross, and here we have “Father forgive them,” “You will be with Me in paradise,” and “Into Your hands I commit My spirit”; then He rests from His finished work on the Sabbath

It’s hard to choose just seven chapters, but that’s my list—at least for today. I’d be curious about what chapters you would choose . . .